anto molina

Todopoderosos en Espacio Fundación Telefónica


Realizador y operador de cámaras (robotizadas) en eventos en Espacio Fundación Telefónica.
Por ejemplo, Todopoderosos. Con Arturo González Campos, Juan Gómez Jurado, Rodrigo Cortés y Javier Cansado.

.Blovk. Live. Excerpt. Feb’16.


Ende der.


An idea of everything. A story of the beginning, carbon, love and future.

released December 24, 2015


.Blovk – Contemplación (Album, 2015). MainConcept.


Spanish analog machine lover Blovk release his debut album on MainConcept Music.

Starting with “Estática” you can imagine what you will find on the next seven tracks introducing a deep, dark and looping mental state. Second track “Portions Of Disorder” composed by break drums and deep atmospheres prepares you for “Plastic Wound” a music trip like traveling on a spaceship around rings of Saturn.

“Dura Mater” is a minimalist composition surrounded by big pads who follows “Age & Excess”: a fat, big and industrial-acid track showing the most aggressive side by Blovk. Calm comes after the storm with “Synanceia” a track focused on a looping composition with open pads.

At the end of the album you will find “Another Atrocity” and “No Friends”; both epic tracks based on disorder and distortion.
released November 12, 2015

Original tracks by Blovk.
Mastered by Right Peak Level.
Picture by Blovk.
Design by Marc Brunés.

.Blovk – di.mpolygomia (EP, 2014)



di.mpolygomia EP
One track
4 cuts

An intromission and an exterminion. From a rigmarole to a structure.

Outside noises (to be eliminated)

Release date: 25/07/2014

.Blovk – In Between (ALBUM)


Direct download:
MP3 320kbps:


All tracks composed, played and recorded by .Blovk aka Anto Molina in his studio during 2012 and 2013. Mixed by Anto Molina.
Guitars in 6 “Grey details” and 10 “Non phase hostage” by Jose María Bernal.

Thanks to all the people who in certain moment are curious in what I do.

And to my girl, friends and family.
And to my movies, books and music.


Sesión de fotos Masaje Tradicional Tailandés. Roberto Bautista


Descripción: Sesión de fotos para Roberto Bautista para libro didáctico ilustrativo sobre masaje tradicional tailandés.
Mas fotos aquí

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